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Kyle leaned over and pulled Joey down so he was lying flat on his back in the bed. An instant later he was lying halfway across the younger boy, kissing him passionately. Their tongues met and began to move together, almost as if in a tiny, private ballet. As they kissed, Kyle felt the tip of Joey's erection begin to lightly touch the side of his stomach. He knew from the way it moved up and down, just a little against him that Joey's dick was hard and twitching. He could also detect a little wetness on his side as it moved against him. So Kyle knew full well that his boyfriend was leaking pre-cum.

Kyle's stiffness was pressed fully against Joey's thigh, so there was no doubt left in Joey's mind at all that his lover was as hard as he could possibly get. The only question that seemed to remain as they pressed their bodies together was how long either would last before succumbing to the intense arousal they were both experiencing.

Kyle was able to hump against Joey's leg, pressing his shaft between them, creating friction. That would have given him a slight advantage had they been in a race, but they weren't - and both of them wanted the feelings to last as long as possible. Joey pushed against Kyle, using a leg for leverage to roll him over so that their positions were nearly exactly reversed. The advantage had suddenly shifted.

Finally their lips parted. "God, that was just so intense," Joey observed, still moving lightly against Kyle's leg.

"Yeah, and if you don't stop humping my leg like some sort of horny little puppy, you'll squirt any second now."

Joey rolled off of him and sat cross-legged facing him, trying his best to look hurt. It didn't work, and soon they were both laughing at the situation. Kyle reached up, grabbed Joey and pulled him back into an embrace. Seconds later they were rolling around on the mattress, arms and legs intertwined, each trying to once again gain a position of superiority.

Kyle's greater size and weight eventually won out, and he ended up with Joey pinned beneath him, a hand on each of Joey's shoulders as he straddled him. Kyle eased his butt down until he felt the middle of Joey's throbbing shaft press against his crack. It was sandwiched between his ass and Joey's pubic area. Grinning, Kyle began to rub himself up and down its length. He could easily see in Joey's expression the effect this was having on him. He could also feel the tip of Joey's erection as his balls brushed against it as he moved. Then, suddenly, Joey closed his eyes and his face scrunched up. Kyle knew this was Joey's `cum face.' He was only fractions of a second from blowing his load.

Kyle lifted up and moved backward quickly. He managed to get the tip of Joey's cock into his mouth just before he began to cum. It wasn't a massive ejaculation, but the four squirts that entered Kyle's mouth tasted so sweet that he didn't care. He swallowed quickly, and applied as much suction as he possibly could, trying to coax more of Joey's semen up the pulsing rod and into his mouth. But there just wasn't any left.

Kyle raised his head, looking Joey in his eyes. Then he licked his lips, not that any of Joey's offering had escaped. Joey reached up, grabbing Kyle behind his head with both hands and pulled him down for another kiss. His tongue entered Kyle's mouth almost immediately, but he found only a faint trace of his seed left there.

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As soon as Jeremy was totally naked, even though really he did not have to be, he laid down on the bed and spread his legs. With as hard as his young pulsing erection was, you would think that he was expecting something. Well, Billy was not about to disappoint him. He slipped the diaper underneath his beautiful boyfriend and grabbed the cream. Jeremy was not getting a rash, but that did not stop Billy from rubbing in more than enough cream to help clear a rash anyway. Same as Jeremy had done, Billy was really rubbing the cream in, a lot more than was strictly necessary, but he was not just rubbing cream in, he was trying to rub cream out, even though he doubted that Jeremy was even a year from doing so yet, but that did not stop him.

In less time than it had taken for Billy to cum, Jeremy started squeaking and squealing in ecstasy, his entire body was vibrating, but it was nothing in comparison to his dick, which was pulsing madly, attempting to spew forth a load. Even though he did not spray a load, it was still just as good for him as it had been for Billy though, and as soon as his massive orgasm let him go, he slumped down, and Billy taped him up.